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Falk Zeh

Falk Zeh

Data Engineer & Humanoid Robotics Student

Welcome to DataToDroids! This is my personal blog where I write about everything I find interesting in the world of tech. I use this blog to document my learning journey and share my experiences with anyone who might find it interesting 🌱


AWS CDK with TypeScript
Aws Cdk Typescript
Portal E-Ink Calendar
Esp32 Electronics 3d Printing
2DS XL Repair and Modding [Failed Project]
Modding Failed
Pumping Heart - The Story of an Oscillator and a Motor
Electronics Art
Nextcloud on the Raspberry Pi 5
Raspberry Pi Foss Selfhosting
dbt Model Engineer GPT
Gpt Data
Esp32 Electronics 3d Printing Robotics
Christmas with a 3D Printer
3d Printing
Yu-Gi-Oh! Pendant
3d Printing Cad