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Christmas with a 3D Printer

3d Printing
Falk Zeh
Falk Zeh
Data Engineer & Humanoid Robotics Student
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Christmas Prints

Christmas with a 3D Printer: Ornaments, Kit Cards, and Cookie Cutters#

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my 3D printer lately. I printed some christmas tree ornaments for my family as well as some gifts for my sibblings.

Klaws the flexi Santa-Pterodactyl

My first orananment is Klaws the flexi Santa-Pterodactyl by @AndreasJoskaSutanto on Printables. I really like his dino designs and this one is no exception.

Klaws the flexi Santa-Pterodactyl
Klaws the flexi Santa-Pterodactyl on tree

Snowflake TIE Fighter

As a huge Star Wars fan, I had to print this Snowflake TIE Fighter by @fixumdude on Printables. It came as a kit card which meant that I had the pleasure of assembling it as well!

Snowflake TIE Fighter

Kit Cards and Cookie Cutters for my friends and family#

For my sibblings I printed some kit cards. While building the Snowflake TIE Fighter I found the assembling process to be very fun and I thought it would be a great gift for my sibblings. My sister got a Yoshi and my brother, who is also a big Star Wars fan, got an AT-ST.

Yoshi Kit Card by @kth0 on Printables.

Yoshi Kit Card

AT-ST Kit Card by @Nakozen on Printables.

AT-ST Kit Card

For my friend and his son I printed some cookie cutters. Currently, his son is really into dinosaurs so I printed some dinos.

Dino Cookie Cutters by @Craftswomancz on Printables.

Dino Cookie Cutters

TRex Cookie Cutter by @Best_codes on Printables.

TRex Cookie Cutters


3D printing is loud, messy, time consuming, and expensive. And I love it.


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