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Esp32 Electronics 3d Printing Robotics
Falk Zeh
Falk Zeh
Data Engineer & Humanoid Robotics Student
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Spiderboy: A 3D Printed Spider Robot with an ESP32 Brain

While browsing Instructables, I came across this DIY Spider Robot by @RegisHsu and I thought it would be a lot of fun and a great learning opportunity to build one myself. I don’t want to rebuild his robot 1:1, but rather use it as a baseline for my own spider robot.

Some of the changes and additions I want to make are:

  • Use an ESP32 for controlling the robot legs
  • Build a head with an ESP32 camera module
  • Try Edge Impulse for training a model to recognize objects
  • Add a shell to the robot

Ordering the parts

Since ordering parts from China takes a while, I started by ordering the parts I knew I would need first. The parts I ordered are:

  • 12x SG90 Servo
  • 1x ESP32 Dev Module
  • 1x ESP32 Camera Module
  • 1x Lithium-Ionen-Akku, 12V, 20000mAh
  • 1x DC Power Stecker
  • 1x DC-DC Step Down Converter
  • Some Jumper Wires

Here I go printing

I started by printing the parts for the legs. The legs and body were printed in grey and black PLA and I used the default settings for my Bambu Lab. When the servo motors arrived, I started assembling the legs… And had to realize that the servo motors I ordered were too big for the legs. Since I didn’t want to wait another 2 weeks for new servo motors, or print the legs again, I decided to adjust the legs to fit the servo motors using a Dremel. It worked out pretty well.

Spiderboy Legs

I then proceeded to attach the body to make sure everything fits together.

Spiderboy Body



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